If you like the Timer please try our successful organizer Notesbrowser:
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Notesbrowser is the easy-to-use planner and organizer!

  1. Easy to use notes keeping and storing with flat hierarchy

  2. Notes management with free arrangement of notes

  3. Lean Reminder to schedule dates and remind to appointments

  4. Very easy installation and easy to learn

  5. Almost unlimited space for the storage of text, notes, ideas, pictures

  6. Skin-able - you can easily select and install new interfaces

  7. Plug-ins can be embedded

  8. Extensive printing features and with a print-preview facility

  9. Search engine to quickly locate information

  10. Integrated backup and recovery utility

  11. There is a completely free version available

  12. Optimized for maximum speed and minimum memory usage

  13. You have 100% control where your data, your notes and your appointments are saved

  14. No account necessary. No need to register anywhere.

MP3 Timer is supported as a Notesbrowser plugin! Here you can read how to use them together: