Here you can download an typical alarm clock software! It is Freeware and simple and does the job!

You want to be reminded in some minutes? For example your tv show starts soon? Or the laundry is finished? Or the pizza is ready?

Just download this alarm clock (no account, no registration needed) and then set the minutes. Then set a music track to play. It runs down and alarms you after the set up time. You can use music to remind you if you like.


Very simple to use Download for Windows® system.

A manual is here: Manual of Alarm Clock

Download English Alarm Clock

Download it here (it's a Free Alarm Clock!):

Download English Alarm Clock (MP3 Timer)

  1. Click on the button
  2. save the zip file on your hard disk
  3. unzip it and run the single file by double clicking
  4. you may want to create a shortcut to the single file to launch it from you desktop or taskbar

For Windows® 32bit and 64bit